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Looking for a Top Professional Speaker with an Exceptional Message for Your Events,
Keynotes and Training Programs?

    After a recent training program in Sacramento, CA, every participant went home and started practicing the techniques taught. Dr. Donna does more than inspire; she speaks for change so that your audience can have a better life. She not only raises awareness on a topic, she offers proven solutions in her seminars on:
  1. health
  2. self-improvement, safety and inspiration
  3. business boosters

How to Choose Your Next Motivational Speaker:
3 Easy Steps

Choosing a top motivational speaker for your events, keynotes, training programs and structured workshops is critical for your success as a business, college, association, or even for your next party. The steps to finding a top professional motivational speaker are straightforward.

Step 1. Topic Selection

First determine what general topic you would like covered and find a professional speaker, consultant or expert who can deliver that general topic. Then consider the specific topic you want covered.

If the professional speaker has no information on his or her website about your specific topic, don't disqualify the person. Knowledge is cumulative, and most speakers, experts or consultants have refined their speaking engagements to a few topics but often have expertise in a wide variety of topics within their field that they don't promote actively. They are often willing to create a winning presentation for your needs. If a motivational speaker doesn't have the ability to deliver your specific topic, he or she will tell you.

Step 2. Qualifications

Step 2 is to look at the professional motivational speaker's qualifications. Do you prefer a male or female professional speaker? Does the person have the necessary background and experience to connect to your audience?

Step 3. Decision Time

Step 3 is to call the professional speaker you have chosen and interview them on the phone. Use your intuition, then make the necessary arrangements with your motivational speaker.


Take the 3 Steps Now

Step 1

Our topics are wide and varied and may be among the list of topics you need for your next event, whether it's for orientation, sororities and fraternities, women's groups, athletic teams, back to school programs, business and international student programs and events, residence hall training programs, faculty and staff development, alumni training programs, or student motivation boosting events for specific departments.

To find your next top professional motivational speaker, see if we can provide you with a match on your topic. We have multiple areas of expertise and customize presentations within several topics. Our topics are:

Seminars on Health

Keynotes, Training and Structured Workshops

In today's difficult economic times, people are skimping on health care, eating less healthy, and slowly experiencing a decline of their health. The truth of the matter is that you can eat well on less food, and end up improving your health, but you need the knowledge to do so. Keep your health at its highest level. Dr. Donna will show you how at any of these seminars on health!

Nutrition - Your First Line of Defense Against Disease

  • -Control your blood sugar, control your life
  • -Eating healthy during hard times
  • -Change your mood by what you eat
  • -Beat the Freshman 15 weight gain
  • -The trace element that prevents breast cancer
  • -5 ways diabetics can extend their lives
  • -How to easily, naturally and effortlessly start your own diet makeover now
  • -The meal plan and healing plan for hypoglycemics
  • -Adding passion to your meals with herbs & spices
  • -How to cook from scratch and be the rave of the neighborhood
  • -Using nutritional supplements to give you more energy, stamina and brainpower
  • -Institutional cooking with a natural foods flair: make them love coming to dinner

More Seminars on Health

Keynotes, Training and Structured Workshops

The percentage of people unable to afford health care is rising. Even though your students or employees may be covered, it's important to know how to take care of yourself using simple effective means that have been used for centuries. Learn these techniques before you need them and prevent needless suffering. These seminars on health are excellent for nurses and nurses in training, pharmacists and pharmacists in training, dietitians and dietitians in training. My background spans three alternative health disciplines that give you an incredible wealth of knowledge that is practical at every one of the seminars on health you choose.

Sample Alternative Health Topics

  • -Healing herbs vs. killer herbs; how to use herbs with confidence
  • -Making rapid recovery the norm after surgery
  • -How immune-boosting herbs extended the life of 6 cancer patients
  • -How to choose an alternative health treatment
  • -The 21st century nurse: using nutrition and herbs for patients well-being
  • -Herb facts dietitians (or pharmacists or nurses) must know
  • -10 habits that age you or let you live a long fruitful life
  • -How 3 spa techniques can be used to extend life of terminally ill patients
  • -How to sneak health habits into your busy schedule
  • -Detoxification: The right way and the wrong way to do it

Self-improvement, Safety & Inspirational

Keynotes, Training, and Structured Workshops

Inspirational Seminars, Keynotes & Training Programs

  • -How to use visualization to shape your life into something spectacular
  • -5 life strategies to pay off student loans and increase prosperity
  • -How to use your philosophy of life to make and break you
  • -Climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro: lessons learned

Handwriting Analysis for Fun and Personal Growth

  • -Handwriting analyis for personality traits
  • -How to avoid dating difficult people or hiring difficult employees with handwriting analysis
  • -Discover 10 hell traits from a potential lover's handwriting
  • -How to spot 5 criminal traits in handwriting and stay safe
  • -Personality traits found in the handwriting of highly successful women

Remember More, Learn Faster and Boost Your Brain Power

  • -Million Dollar Memory for names and faces recall for business
  • -Accelerated learning & memory for nursing students
  • -How to help patients remember your instructions
  • -Preventing Alzheimer's disease with proper nutrition & memory techniques
  • -Simple memory exercises to rebuild a failing memory
  • -How to study less and remember more for your next exam
  • -How to predict test questions and make the grade
  • -Your biggest investment in life is in learning

Stay Safe from Harm

See more at Safety Training Programs
  • -Secrets to staying safe on campus
  • -5 ways to prevent date rape
  • -How to identify and remember a face in any situation
  • -How to spot 5 criminal traits in handwriting and stay safe
  • -How to use your intuition to keep you safe wherever you go
  • -Sorority sisters secrets to staying safe on campus with identification
  • -A new friend or a criminal?
  • -Play the most wanted game
  • -4 strategies to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder quickly
  • -Increase capture rates by boosting identification skills (law enforcement, security)

Business Boosting
Keynotes, Training, and Structured Workshops

  • -Million Dollar Memory for names and faces recall for business
  • -How to avoid hiring difficult employees with handwriting analysis
  • -6-week internet marketing plan for health practitioners and businesses
  • -Stress-free ebook creation to boost your profits
  • -How to give a business presentation without stress
  • -Nontraditional team building: exercises that boost confidence & motivation without the rah-rah
  • -Staff development through health-building strategies? How to cut business loss and improve bottom line profits by balanced blood sugar levels, better food and more sleep


Step 2. Qualifications of the Speaker

Did you find a topic above that may benefit your organization, school, college, or company? If so, proceed to step 2. Examine my background and determine if it fits in with your needs.

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is the founder and CEO of Million Dollar Memory International Speaking. professional motivational speaker who holds five degrees, three of them advanced. She is considered a true expert in all the above mentioned fields. (read more about Dr. Donna here) In every presentation she gives, you can expect her to speak from experience, not book knowledge, skillful in giving structured workshops with a history of over 1000 presentations, keynotes, events, and training programs. She is an inspiration to all who meet her. (See more at Dr. Donna Bio) Dr. Donna has spoken for numerous businesses, college students, faculty / employee development presentations, and at high school/grade schools on behalf of MDM International Speaking since 1984.


Step 3. Call the speaker, interview him or her and make your decision and arrangements.

Dr. Donna can be reached at 916-649-8323 or 916-482-4177, Pacific Standard time.

My Guarantee:

Making your keynote, conference presentation, training program or structured workshop a success is the goal I will achieve for you. To do this, I will customize it to your audience. Your successful program benefits listeners and casts a favorable light upon you, and that's what I want. You want an exceptional speaker with exceptional qualifications, experience, and exceptional results. - Dr. Donna, CEO, MDM International Speaking

MDM Programs are ideal for:

• Orientation • Business conferences • Residence halls
• Sororities • Women's groups • Diversity programs • Staff development

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"Dr. Donna speaks with tons of experience and confidence.

Long after our event, clients are still coming in and asking for whatever she recommended. They took everything she said as gold. My manager said, "Let's get her back!"

—Brent Crowl, Manager, Sunrise Natural Foods, Roseville, CA

Program Benefits
•Some programs offer FREE gifts to all who attend!

•Autograph session at end of program.

•All attendees may receive our free cutting edge email newsletter

Available Now

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"Babies absolutely love looking at faces! As we grow up, many of us lose this desire. You can get it back in the next hour."

--From the program, Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces

Who Benefits Most from These Presentations, Keynotes, Training Programs, & Structured Workshops?

Those who benefit most from MDM keynotes, training programs, structured workshops and presentations include those who might say:

'...need a female professional speaker at the October Women's conference, a leader type, someone who can get our employees / students to say "Wow! I am so glad I came to this conference!" or "Your keynote speaker changed my life!"

'...need a trainer, a female professional speaker who is entertaining, informative, shares great stories, is an expert, ethical, and someone our audience can look up to as a role model.'

'...someone who can talk to people of all backgrounds, someone who can get the message across in different ways, and is great with employee motivation.'

'I need more than a consultant. I need an authority, an expert on the topic who is used to speaking to audiences, large and small.'

'...looking for a female professional speaker for my women's conference; a wellness professional speaker.'

'I want a professional motivational speaker who I can depend on for future continuing education seminars, workshop facilitation, keynotes, events, and training programs.'

'My audience isn't too keen on continuing education. I need a female professional speaker who ranks high on the scale for audience motivation, a leader in the field, and can inspire them to keep learning.'

'I need a professional motivational speaker who speaks on nutrition, not just from the perspective of book knowledge, but lots of experience, and can create motivation in the audience... someone who will change their eating habits immediately.'

'... a motivational speaker who believes in continuing education, who has the ability to create structured workshops that don't waste any time, pack the information in but is considerate, creative, warm and friendly. I prefer a female professional speaker.'

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